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  • Julia Fiebig, PhD, BCBA

Julia H. Fiebig, PhD, BCBA was inspired to begin a career in behavior analysis in 1998 as a music student interested in the influence of learned practice of an art on perception of talent. While she still pursues music and writing, her education in behavior analysis shaped other interests and she now consults in organizational, clinical, and educational settings. She is committed to work related to organizational and community sustainability, leadership, consensus-based community practices, and global climate change issues. She is a faculty member in the Applied Behavior Analysis department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and currently serves as the chair for ABAI’s Behavior Analysis for Sustainable Societies (BASS) special interest group. Julia is also experienced and passionate about her work facilitating international summer camps with the aim of teaching young people to have better human relations and engage in responsible community living. You can contact her at


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Science Vs. Human Behavior: Designing A Sustainable Culture

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