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We have partnered with Tele-ABA in providing the #1 HIPAA compliant telehealth solution for therapists. By claiming or creating a listing on MyABA, you are eligible for FREE access to Tele-ABA.


With Uber-style Appointments, you can work at your own pace, connecting patients to providers, providers to agencies, and providers to families directly. Handles all of your billing needs.


Telehealth for ABA therapy by providing the #1 HIPAA Secure Telehealth Platform. Being in full compliance with the guidelines as recommended by the BACB, ABAI, and the APBA.


With on-call Tele-Conferencing. Enabling parents to schedule virtual visits with you at their convenience within minutes through Tele-ABA’s online web portal or mobile app.

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The #1 HIPAA Secure Telehealth Platform.

A wonderful app for contributing healthy lifestyle and hospitality in this digital world.

“A game-changer! Many families are struggling and don’t have anyone to contact. This app connects families with providers in a straightforward manner. This work is needed!”

“Nice and easy! I liked answering the questions on the form so the consultation was fast. Perfect!”