Since the launch of our redesign, we’ve been diving into how best to serve ABA Professionals.  What is working, and what isn’t.

The result of our findings has been eye-opening.

The feedback we received has also been incredibly encouraging!
From “this is much needed” to “why is the price so high?” to “can I use this to find RBT’s to help with my caseload”  and more…

We’ve listened, and we aim to help make this effort as seamless as possible.

So, here are some major changes that we know you’ll LOVE, so you can do more!

Listings are now FREE

Yes, FREE.  We know we’ll be adding new features down the road, and when that time comes we’ll look into pricing for new features.
(also, no credit card required)

Why?  Well, it’s simple: we want all ABA providers to be available for parents to reach out to.

But what does this change mean?

Well, it means that once you claim your listing, you have a lot of options available to you, including the ability to submit articles to our editors!  Your experience can benefit others!

It also means you have more options to share your talents and skills, including additional pictures and videos, phone numbers, hours, website and social media links… and more!

As always, you can use your listing as a way to encourage parents to provide a review, helping other families declare how good you are. Your listing may also be used as a way for future employers to see your client’s perspective, directly from them!



New Searchable Categories

The following categories are now searchable.  You can update these categories by editing your listing:

Available for Appointments – this was created for providers and/or practices that are accepting new clients.  Letting parents know that you and/or your practice are available to work.

Available for work – this was created for providers who are available to work.  Perfect for RBTs who want to make themselves available to BCBA’s or practices, locally – or around the country.

These category updates will allow providers to be available on the site for BCBA’s to reach out to other BCBA’s and to RBTs.

We know that continuity of care is extremely important, and the ability for a BCBA to locate an RBT in another part of the country to help with a family moving is just one example we’d like to see happen.


Easy Registration

We want to make managing your MyABA account as easy as possible, with just a single sign-on.  Use the platform you prefer to register and log into MyABA to claim and manage your listings.  So, register or log in using Gmail, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Eliminating steps to save you time, so you can get back to what you need to do – helping your clients.  (of course, you could select registering the old-fashioned way, so we kept that option open as well).


Looking for a Tele-Health solution?  Tele-ABA is the #1 HIPPA compliant telehealth solution, designed for ABA therapists.  Join now and claim/create your listing, and gain free access to the Tele-ABA platform.

So Join, find your listing (or create one), and get started!

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Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash