For Immediate Release

MyABA.Today being redesigned as a premier online directory of ABA Therapists

Founding Lead Editor of heads-up efforts.

Orlando, FL (July 20, 2020) – MyABA.Today, an online magazine and directory is to be redesigned to fulfill its mission. Heading up these efforts as its Editor-In-Chief will be Joel Manzer. Joel Manzer is also the Founding Lead Editor of for well over a decade.

MyABA.Today has established itself as an online magazine, with quality article contributions from top ABA practitioners from around the world.

MyABA.Today now plans to expand its effort by developing and deploying its online directory and promoting its efforts through various online partnerships.

About MyABA:
Founded in 2019, MyABA desired to solve a major challenge within the Autism community.  They knew that one of the biggest hurdles for a parent or caregiver was to find a qualified and highly recommended therapist. Their solution was to redesign MyABA as the premier online directory for ABA therapists, providing an easy way for ABA therapists to be discovered, and to be recommended by others.

Along the way, they also discovered that although ABA therapy is highly recommended, there is a lot more about it that needs to be shared and understood. 

They aim to make MyABA a place where anyone can learn more about ABA therapy and be able to find a qualified therapist for their loved one.