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  • Priscilla Vega Vargas

Priscilla Vega Vargas lives in New York. Priscilla is married and they have a beautiful six-year-old daughter named Sophia. Priscilla been working for New York Presbyterian Hospital for Rehabilitation Sports Medicine. Once Sophia was diagnosed with PDD she became passionate about autism. She is focusing on her degree in child ABA in Psychology at Kaplan University. Gaining a lot of research Priscilla wants to become an enthusiastic Parent Advocate. Priscilla been spending a lot of time setting up her own blog called sophievoice, so not only she can help people in New York but from all over. She also into having her own you tube channel to help parent with autism.


Embrace The Fear – How to Seek More than Autism-Friendly Events

New York City is one of many great places to raise a child, especially a child with autism. There are so many learning activities, events,...