Last December I had the honor of interviewing Danny Combs, who is a fellow Autism Dad and Founder of T.A.C.T, a non-profit based in Colorado whose goal it is to Teaching the Autism Community Trades.  Here’s the link to that episode: Podcast Season 2 Episode 17: Danny Combs TACT.

For those that don’t know how much of our autism community is underserved, it was a refreshing interview that still has moved me in so many ways.  After all, how can we ensure our autistic kids have the best skills possible, unless we actually teach them those skills, right?

Knowing that Danny is heavily involved in the trades, there was one person I absolutely know NEEDED to know about his work… Mike Rowe.

Now, I don’t know if you know who Mike Rowe is – but he was a host on a little TV show called Dirty Jobs that was on the Discovery Channel.  Now, he heads up the foundation, which focuses on the promotion of trades.  He is also the host of a Facebook Watch program called “Returning the Favor”.  I’ve been a longtime fan of this Facebook series since it began, so seeing Danny and TACT on this program was a bit of a dream of mine. Yeah, I’m a bit selfish in this regard.

Also, to say that Danny knows about Mike Rowe is an understatement.  So, how can you let Mike know about Danny?  Well, it seems the show has a way to receive the right information – so I left a comment in an online group… and it went from there.

Suffice it to say, the folks who produced the show went above and beyond what I even expected.  I’m soo glad Danny and the folks at TACT received what they did… and then some.

Let’s just say… I’m beyond floored to share this episode… as it’s way too cool!

A special thank you to Mike Rowe, and his entire “Returning the Favor” team!  Your dedication to highlighting those Bloody Do-gooders means so much, especially with episodes like this, highlighting folks like Danny and the TACT organization.  Their efforts are making a significant impact in serving our community.

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