As a parent, you want to ensure your child has enough pocket money to buy snacks and cover small expenses. But what if they could go beyond that and actually make a side income? With these 14 jobs that cater to underage kids, your kids can open the door to generating some extra cash while still in school! From tutoring, crafts selling, dog walking and even running errands – there’s something for everyone. These jobs will provide your kids with the necessary skills for future career success while allowing them to reap the rewards of their hard work financially. Unlock the knowledge on how to give your children the opportunity to generate a side income!


For those with a knack for teaching, tutoring is a great way to make some extra money. Kids can offer their services to local students or even start an online tutoring business. And if they have a special skill, like coding or music, then they can even offer more specialized services. Also, tutoring can be a great way to help kids learn leadership and communication skills which will benefit them in the future.


Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

Do you have furry friends in the family? Put your kids’ animal-loving skills to use by offering pet sitting and dog walking services. And since kids have lots of energy, they can take on multiple jobs in one day. It’s a great way to make some extra money and get some fresh air and exercise at the same time. Also, it teaches kids responsibility and how to care for other creatures.



From jewelry-making to crocheting, handicrafts are hugely popular and there’s always someone looking for a unique gift or something special for themselves. With the right materials and creativity, your child could be making money from crafting! And crafting is a great way to turn something as mundane as making bracelets into an enjoyable and profitable activity. Also, it can help kids become more creative and develop their artistic skills.


Lawn Mowing

Perfect for summer days when school is out – lawn mowing and gardening services could be just the thing for young entrepreneurs. It’s a great way to get kids outside, and it teaches them how to make use of their time productively. With the right tools and some business savvy, they can easily market their services around the neighborhood. And they’ll learn the value of hard work too.


Delivery Services

If your child has access to a vehicle, they could start their own delivery service. Whether it’s delivering pizzas on nights and weekends or taking packages to people around town, there are always businesses that need help with deliveries. Plus, this type of job teaches kids the importance of punctuality and customer service skills.


Virtual Assistant

With technology becoming more and more advanced, virtual assistant jobs are in high demand these days. From helping someone with research to proofreading documents – there’s plenty of work available for kids who can handle basic online tasks. This is an especially great option for older children who already have some experience using computers.


Social Media Management

Social media management is a great way for kids to make money from home. From managing accounts on Twitter and Instagram to creating content for businesses, this type of job can be done remotely and offers flexible hours. And it’s a great opportunity for kids to learn how to leverage their tech skills into a career.


Recycling Collection Services

If your child loves going out and about in the neighborhood, they could start their own recycling collection services business! With some basic supplies like garbage bags, gloves, and safety gear – your child can collect recyclable items from people’s homes and bring them to local recycling centers or drop off points. This is not only an environmentally friendly way to make money, but it will also teach your child the importance of taking care of the planet.


Photo Editing

If your child is an aspiring photographer, they could start offering photo editing services. This type of job requires a good eye and a proficient understanding of the latest photo editing software. If your child already has some experience in photography and photo editing, they could offer their services to bloggers, businesses, or even other photographers. If they are working on a Mac, they could also look into creating plugins, overlays, and filters to help enhance photos. Or if they need to convert a PNG to a JPEG for a client, they can click on this link to learn how to do it quickly.


Graphic Design

Graphic design is another great way for kids to make money from home. With the right skills and software, your child can design logos, flyers, or signage for businesses in their community. It’s a great way to not only make money but also express their creative side. They could even offer their services online through online marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork.


Party Planning

If your child loves planning events and parties, they could offer their services to other families in the neighborhood. They can help plan and organize birthday parties or baby showers. Your child will need excellent organizational skills as well as a knack for party planning. With some basic supplies like balloons, decorations, catering equipment and food – your child can create unforgettable experiences for their clients.


Affiliate Marketing

If your child has a blog or website, they can sign up for an affiliate marketing program. This is when they promote products from other companies and receive commission whenever someone makes a purchase through their link. It’s a great way to make money while also learning more about digital marketing and online advertising.


Review Writing

For those tech-savvy kids, they can make money by writing reviews for products and services. Companies are always looking for someone to review their products online so they can get more customers. Your child could write reviews on their blog or website and get paid for it. They’ll need to be knowledgeable about the product or service before writing a review to ensure accuracy and honesty.


Beta Testing

This one is perfect for the tech gurus in your family. They can sign up to be beta testers of new products and services, where they’ll provide feedback on the experience. Companies will pay good money to get honest and helpful feedback from real people so that they can improve their products before launching them. This is a great opportunity for your child to hone their skills and get paid for it.

There are many ways that your child can make money from home. Whether they have a blog or website, love to organize events, or enjoy working with technology – there’s something out there for them. With the right guidance and support, your child can find an opportunity that fits their skillset and generate some extra income in the process.


Photo by Ralston Smith on Unsplash